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Battle Beyond The Sun

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Battle Beyond The Sun

The space race is on between two countries. Who's going to land on mars first? Look for the scene with two goofy looking monsters battling on an asteroid.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Steve White - favorite - February 13, 2014
Subject: Have a look at the original.
The Soviet original "The Heavens Call" is really a good space drama for the time, if you overlook the obligatory glorious propaganda (to be fair, many U.S. sci-fi films at the time featured propaganda too).

The space scenes are top-notch for the time, and some scenes (such as Mars rising over the asteroid) were totally new and weren't repeated again for many years. The space ships were better than most Western fare, and the space station is far more elaborate than any Western attempt.

Women are depicted in positions of authority -- in contrast to what was shown in the West.

But due to the tensions at the time, a simple overdub would be unshowable in the U.S. Well, some simple plot adjustments were in order.

Corman and Coppola made a mess of it -- explanatory scenes are cut for no apparent reason, and truly dull, protracted "glorious" scenes are retained. The reason for the "bad guys" spaceship going off course (Sun's magnetic field, etc) is just gibberish. The monsters--are just an insult to everybody--I think Corman slipped a cog here. Corman left his name off the thing in shame.

As to the asteroid orbiting Mars...that's also in the original -- it is indeed inexplicable.
Reviewer: conflictin' motions - - November 11, 2012
Subject: the original
Reviewer: skybandit - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 1, 2012
Subject: Russki Ripoff
One of several Iron Curtain films that Corman picked up because, at the time, there was no such thing as copyright in the USSR! Francis Ford Coppolla's first directing gig...he directing the battle of the genital monsters that was added in because this flick was so dull. Carmen Coppolla was the FATHER of Francis Ford (He's occassionally credited as Carmine, no doubt because of gender confucsion) and a well-known conductor in NYC at the time. The original framing story of the whole thing being a daydream of a reporter was discarded, and instead of Russians saving Americans we got this North and South Hemis BS tacked on. Why Corman didn't use the name of an actual satellite of Mars instead of a made-up one is a mystery.
Reviewer: Killertomato59 - favoritefavorite - January 31, 2012
Subject: Interesting first try!
Very interesting in some ways. Did you notice that the associate producer was Francis Ford Coppola? Wow! I wonder what he says about this film? How old was he? Also, someone named Carmen Coppola was in the credits. Is she related to Mr. Coppola?
So there are some interesting elements in this film.
Reviewer: picfixer - favoritefavorite - February 5, 2010
Subject: Yawn
There is no battle. Dubbed Russian sci fi, so glacially slow moving even the cast looks bored, and you'll swear the female launch director is stoned out of her skull. Average special effects provided by miniatures take up much of the film. A ponderous historical relic of the Soviet era that is not devoid of subtle propaganda. Drink three cups of coffee before watching.
Reviewer: Albert Schlef - favorite - January 5, 2010
Subject: Doesn't worth watching.
There's a bunch of sci-fi movies here that use the same footage (probably because of low budget), and this movie is one of them. "You've seen one, you've seen them all."

The plot isn't very interesting. Worse, it's not very believable: the mission to Mars is supposed to be a "big thing", yet they very easily send two rockets with fuel to Mars' moon. How is that?

The color is worse than black&white.
Reviewer: Ramxoid - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 18, 2009
Subject: One small step
Is the original unedited version avalable anywhere? This was fun to watch but it left me wondering what had to be altered for US dist?
Reviewer: Dr. Greybeard - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 29, 2009
Subject: Battle Beyond the Sun
A fascinating film and rare to see sci-fi films from the old USSR, even though this print was slightly tinkered with by the US distributor. Thanks to the uploader!

Re: the previous review; there's a thing on the web now called Google that does a fine job of locating detailed information on any subject.
Reviewer: Moongleam - - May 27, 2009
Subject: This page needs editing
The year of release needs to be added.
The run-time needs to be added.
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